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Great Coffee Goes
Beyond the Cup

At Lumina Coffee Company, we believe our guests are more than just customers. That’s why our primary purpose is to create an amazing experience for every person who comes through our doors (or drive-thru!).

To do that, we’ve committed ourselves to three things: outstanding service, environmental stewardship, and providing our guests the finest coffee in the world.

That means quality ingredients. And while preaching quality is important, practicing it is imperative. That’s why we source local and organic ingredients whenever possible, and we strive to use only clean, non-GMO ingredients that you can pronounce.


We believe in treating people right – serving our guests in a way that makes them feel valued and respected.


We go above and beyond to meet and exceed the needs of each person – an experience you deserve.


We only serve the best – promoting organic, local, ethically-sourced, and sustainable ingredients.


We intentionally designed our space with the guest in mind, because we want to offer more than just coffee.

Lumina Coffee is Conscious Coffee

Providing you the best cup of coffee starts long before the coffee is served. We’re committed to knowing the source of every batch of coffee we serve, including the coffee farm it came from.

Lumina Coffee Company sources the finest Arabica beans from around the world because we want to be confident about the quality of every drink we make. We also roast each batch of coffee beans to highlight its unique characteristics, giving you a specially-curated coffee experience every cup, every time.

We believe product quality and environmental stewardship go hand in hand; that’s why we promote fair trade, direct trade, organic and Rain Forest
Alliance coffee.

Interested in joining the Lumina Team?

Fill out an application and join us for one of our open house interviews.